the sphere

Online influencers are a part of everyday culture now more than ever. Whether it's YouTube, Twitch or Instagram, influencers carry fiercely loyal audiences because their content feels authentic and relatable. When brands partner with the right influencers, they are more strategically positioned to reach their target audience naturally. 

the agency

Branded Entertainment Network connects global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment. BEN is a global entertainment marketing agency that delivers premium brand integrations across streaming, TV, film and influencer programming. 

my role

As a digital media strategy intern working in the influencer segment of BEN, I conduct regular research on industry trends in different YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram verticals to improve branded influencer campaign integrations. I use a variety of news and trendwatching sites to identify key insights that are relevant to client and agency goals. I communicate these insights internally via regular reports and externally via client situational analyses and quarterly reports. 

In addition, I develop recommendations of ideal influencers for branded integrations based on clients' target markets and campaign goals. 

Lastly, I analyze influencer campaign results to find insights pertaining to past campaign performance. Based on these insights, I help develop strategies for future campaigns.


digital media strategy intern