strategist / account manager
paying AdLab client

Elevate the wood pellet grilling category under the Traeger Grills name through a strategic advertising campaign with a variety of mediums including print and radio.


Traeger Grills already has the majority of the market share in the wood pellet grilling category, which is great. The problem is that wood pellet grilling isn’t really well-known as an option in the whole world of grilling, being up against the giants of gas and charcoal grilling.


The Hostmasters. These are men ages 50+ who value authenticity, originality, and connection with others. Their food is their craft and they love sharing their masterpieces. They also value being successful in all areas of their life because they’ve reached an age where they want to feel established.

"I take pride in being able to produce crafted culinary superiority."


“Just Add Wood.” This campaign focuses on the fact that cooking doesn’t need to be complicated to achieve chef-level flavor. Wood pellet grilling provides Hostmasters with the opportunity to achieve superior flavor success without going to extreme lengths.

methodology / my role

Acting as an account manager and strategist, I facilitated meetings with my team, participated in the ideating process, contributed to insight-driven campaign development, delegated responsibilities to creatives, kept my team on-brief and on-schedule for deadlines, and presented my team’s ideas to the client. I also acted as a liaison between my team and the AdLab account leads.

creative executions