strategy mentor

Create a position for Whole Foods as the owner of "real parenting," and the leader in organic foods for the family. 


Moms feel inferior to other parents and toward their own children when their kids fail to meet societal expectations. 


Real Parents: Moms 25-44, with children ages 3-12. 

Annual Income: $90K+

Real parents know that when you have a three-year-old it's just about surviving until nap time. They show up to their client meetings with applesauce dried on their skirt. They are highly educated, health conscious, and uncompromising with the food they consume. They believe that good parents constantly strive to teach their children how to correctly maneuver societal expectations. Real parents never thought they would be the ones to yell at their child in the middle of the grocery store, but that is exactly where they find themselves. They are critical of themselves as parents, and often feel that other parents are judging them when their child is not acting ideally. 

The Whole Foods community sees the joy and beauty in the real; the real food and the real parents. 


Showcase the Whole Foods community as it celebrates real food and real parents. 

methodology / my role

As a strategy mentor for several creative teams, I worked to ensure that the teams' creative work stayed on-brief. I helped teams identify key insights and translate those insights into actionable, big ideas at the start of the project. I also regularly checked in with teams throughout the entirety of the project to make sure that their executions stayed on-strategy.  

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